Top-Notch WordPress Hosting – Done FOR You

Regain Control Over Your Data – Without the IT Headache

Federated Computer is the gold-standard for WordPress hosting. Our solution doesn’t throttle your traffic, stays super fast, is extremely stable – and your data remains private.

Enjoy 100GB of storage, unlimited traffic, fast connections, and amazing support.

You also get a huge selection of other apps, human support, and unlimited users for just $59/month!


Build any site you can imagine for your business and team with the power of WordPress.

The Most Flexible Website Builder on the Planet

Whether you are building a blog, landing pages, e-commerce, membership sites, or a headless CMS…  WordPress empowers you to build anything within your imagination.

Serious Security from Federated

Federated Computer is the industry standard for security. We take care of all the technical details so you can focus on creating your amazing website.


Unlimited Traffic

Unlike most hosting companies, we don’t throttle your traffic. You site stays crispy and fast, and you get TONS of storage included.


Contributing to Digital Sovereignty


Embracing WordPress in Federated Core is more than just about websites; it’s a stance for digital sovereignty. Big companies like Google harvest your data. We believe in taking back control over our digital communication tools, safeguarding our privacy, and supporting the open-source movement. With WordPress, you can contribute to this cause while enjoying a seamless website solution.


A No-Hassle Experience with Federated Core


Federated Core takes the hassle out of self-hosting WordPress for your team. With WordPress seamlessly integrated into our platform, you gain access to a robust and secure website solution without the traffic costs and data monitoring associated with centralized and proprietary solutions.

We Also Include Email, File Hosting, Group Chat, Video, and an Entire Office Suite – Hosted on Your Own Domain – Zero Headache!

The Convenience of SaaS, the Security of Open-Source Solutions

Federated Core remains steadfast in its value proposition: bridging the gap between the convenience of Software as a Service (SaaS) and the security of open-source solutions. By integrating Nextcloud into Federated Core, we are expanding the horizons of your online business potential while upholding our commitment to data privacy, encryption, automated backups, and real human customer-service.

We handle all of the technical work, and you get to enjoy your new cloud suite. All of the provisioning, configuration, backups, updates… all of the IT headache is done for you, by us.

Everything You Need for $59/month per domain, unlimited users.

Nextcloud makes remote collaboration easy without the trade-off of your data being used by Google and Microsoft to advertise and train their AI. No more ads in your email. Ever. Again.

We Give You All the Other Apps, Too!

Everything You Need for $59/month, unlimited users.

Federated Computer includes all the applications you need for your work, creative endeavors, and customer interactions. One low monthly price for unlimited users – Saving you hundreds of dollars per month.

Professional Support for Professional Software

Federated Core integrates best-in-class open-source solutions so that you and your team can get things done with 100% security and privacy and without the headache of IT management.

  • Unlimited Users
  • All of our solutions are managed for you.
  • Save hundreds per month by bundling your solutions.
  • Real human support by our amazing team.
  • Federated Core "just works". No more IT headaches.
  • Automated full backups, and telephone support.
  • More software added all the time for no additional charge.
  • Desktop and mobile apps available.

100% Sovereign Data Guarantee

Federated doesn't scan your data to sell it to advertisers and AI robots. In fact, even though Federated ensures everything runs well, we can't see your data. Think of Federated Computer as a Linux distribution in the cloud. 100% private.

Free yourself from the digital tyranny of the big SaaS vendors! They all harvest our data, sell it off to the highest bidder, and use our work as "digital gold" for their AI development. No thank you.

Easy Pricing

One low price for everything we offer - just $59/mo!

Unlimited Users

Invite as many users as you want no extra charge.

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