IMAGE Baserow Introduction

No-code Database with Baserow

Welcome to a new era of data management! Federated Core proudly offers Baserow, the open-source, no-code database that liberates your data from the clutches of centralized platforms like Airtable. Discover how Baserow, bundled within Federated Core, empowers your business with unparalleled data sovereignty and a suite of features designed to elevate your team’s workflow.

Why Choose Baserow with Federated Core?

  1. Data Sovereignty Unleashed: Escape the grasp of centralized control. With Baserow on Federated Core, your data stays under your control, ensuring privacy, and security.

  2. Powerful No-Code Solution: No coding skills? No problem! Baserow empowers you to create custom databases, design intuitive interfaces, and manage data seamlessly without the need for technical expertise.

  3. Seamless Integration: Integrate Baserow with other tools in your workflow effortlessly, boosting collaboration, productivity, and efficiency across your team.

  4. Intuitive User Experience: Navigate Baserow’s user-friendly interface with ease, enabling you to build, modify, and manage databases without a steep learning curve.

  5. Customization at Its Best: Tailor Baserow to your needs. Create custom views, automate processes, and adapt to match your workflow.

  6. Collaboration Elevated: Transform teamwork with real-time collaboration. Share databases, assign tasks, and track progress, all in one platform.

  7. End-to-End Encryption: Rest easy knowing that your data is secured with end-to-end encryption, ensuring confidentiality and peace of mind.


Baserow: The Business Game-Changer

Imagine the possibilities with Baserow to simplify data management and streamline workflows. Whether you’re managing projects, tracking customer interactions, or organizing resources, Baserow brings flexibility and control to every data-related task.

Elevate Your Data Management with Federated Core

By choosing Federated Core, you’re not just opting for a database tool; you’re choosing empowerment. You’re saying goodbye to the limitations of centralized platforms and embracing a future where data sovereignty and great tools go hand in hand - all without the per user fees imposed by Airtable and other centralized solutions.

Join the movement towards digital self-sovereignty. Embrace Baserow with Federated Core today, and watch your business thrive with the power of open-source, customizable, and secure data management. Your journey to data liberation starts here.