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The video conference for those who hate videoconferencing

Empower Your Team with Jitsi: Open-Source Video Conferencing

Seamless and secure video conferencing is an essential tool for businesses and teams. At Federated Computer, we prioritize your data sovereignty and privacy, which is why we are proud to offer Jitsi, the best open-source video meeting software, as part of Federated Core.

The Power of Jitsi

Jitsi, a trusted open-source platform, plays a significant role in powering Google Meet. If it’s good enough for the tech giant, it’s certainly good enough for us, and it’s perfect for empowering teams. Say goodbye to the hefty “per user” Zoom tax and embrace a more secure, flexible, and open-source video conferencing experience with Jitsi.


Contributing to Digital Sovereignty

Embracing Jitsi in Federated Core is more than just about video conferencing; it’s a stance for digital sovereignty. We believe in taking back control over our digital communication tools, safeguarding our privacy, and supporting the open-source movement. With Jitsi, you can contribute to this cause while enjoying a seamless video conferencing solution.

A No-Hassle Experience with Federated Core

Federated Core takes the hassle out of self-hosting Jitsi for your team. With Jitsi seamlessly integrated into our platform, you gain access to a robust and secure video conferencing solution without the per-user cost and data monitoring associated with centralized and proprietary solutions.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Efficiency and ease of use are essential for any team. Federated Core’s SSO functionality enables your team members to access Jitsi and the other tools seamlessly. Simplify your team’s workflow with a centralized login.

Connectivity Anytime, Anywhere

Jitsi offers both mobile and desktop apps, enabling connectivity on the go. Whether you’re in the office or remote, you can conduct productive meetings with ease using Jitsi’s reliable and feature-rich applications.

Experience Jitsi with Federated Core Today

Unleash the potential of your team with Jitsi, the open-source video conferencing solution included in Federated Core. Enjoy secure and flexible communication without sacrificing your digital sovereignty. Embrace the no-hassle experience, leverage the power of Single Sign-On, and stay connected with Jitsi’s mobile and desktop apps.

Embrace data sovereignty, secure video conferencing, and take back control of your digital workspace.

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