Are you tired of grappling with server configurations or overpaying for hosting your Git repositories? Look no further – Federated Computer offers a seamless solution for developer teams seeking hassle-free Gitea hosting.

Why Choose Gitea?

Gitea is a robust, open-source Git platform designed for streamlined collaboration and version control. With its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set, Gitea empowers developer teams to work efficiently and collaboratively. Learn more about Gitea’s capabilities here.

Advantages of Hosting with Federated

🔧 Painless Configuration: Say goodbye to convoluted server setups. Federated Computer streamlines the configuration process and backups, allowing you to focus on coding rather than server management.

🔒 Encrypted Backups: Rest easy knowing that your valuable code is backed up securely. Federated Computer implements encrypted backups to safeguard your repositories. Your data’s confidentiality is our top priority.

🌐 Private VM Instance: Embrace the freedom of hosting your Gitea server on a VM that only you control. With Federated, you’re always in control and only you have the keys to your repos.

💰 Cost-Effective Solution: Git hosting doesn’t have to break the bank. Federated Computer offers Gitea hosting within our Federated Core bundle, starting at only $39 per month per domain. Enjoy top-notch service without the hefty price tag, err Github tax!

How Federated Enhances Gitea

At Federated Computer, we understand the unique needs of developer teams. Our Gitea hosting offers not only the benefits of Gitea’s powerful version control system but also the added advantages of simplified management, encrypted backups, and unparalleled privacy.

Join us in the journey towards a more efficient and economical solution for developer teams. Host your Gitea server with Federated Computer today and unlock the true potential of your code collaboration.


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