Are you tired of expensive email marketing platforms that leave you feeling powerless? Say hello to Listmonk, the open-source email marketing solution, now available as part of Federated Core. Get ready to take control, without fear of censorship or escalating costs as your subscriber list grows from hundreds to thousands and beyond.

🚀 Seamless Transition: If you’re currently using costly SaaS solutions like Mailchimp, transitioning to Listmonk on Federated Core is a breeze. Our dedicated support team is always on hand to assist you throughout the process.

IMAGE Listmonk Dashboard

Key Features That Set Listmonk Apart:

  1. Scalability & Flexibility: Manage millions of subscribers across single and double opt-in lists. Customize subscriber profiles with JSON attributes. Easily segment your audience using SQL expressions. Import data rapidly or integrate external CRMs and databases effortlessly.

  2. Transactional Excellence: Utilize a simple API to send various transactional messages, including email, SMS, WhatsApp, and more, using predefined templates. Connect with your subscribers through their preferred medium via Messenger interfaces.

  3. Insightful Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your campaigns with straightforward analytics and visualizations. Seamlessly connect external visualization tools to the database thanks to the simple table structure.

IMAGE Listmonk Charts

  1. Dynamic Templating: Craft dynamic email templates using the Go templating language. Add template expressions, logic, and over 100 functions to your subject lines and content. Compose HTML emails with ease, using options like a WYSIWYG editor, Markdown, raw syntax-highlighted HTML, or plain text.

IMAGE Listmonk Editor

  1. Media Management: Simplify your email campaigns by utilizing the media manager to upload and manage images.

  2. Unleash Extensibility: Listmonk goes beyond email campaigns. Connect HTTP webhooks to send SMS, WhatsApp, FCM notifications, or any message type you need.

  3. Privacy First: Everything within your Federated Core is 100% private. You retain control and hold the keys to your data.

Ready to supercharge your email marketing with Listmonk on Federated Core? Embrace the freedom, control, and cost-efficiency of open-source email marketing. Learn more about this exciting open-source project on GitHub.

Join the revolution in email marketing—choose Federated Core, choose Listmonk! 📧🌐💪