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We never want to leave you searching a website, fumbling around Reddit, or throwing questions into the dark hole of Telegram looking for an answer or solution. The Customers are the most important stars in the Federated galaxy, so we offer you a number of ways to get the support you need!

General Support

Prefer to chat with us?

We have a chat server hosted on our very own Federated Core you can join and ask questions, or just chum it up!

How Else Can I Contact You?

Do you need support with your installation? Maybe you want to ask a question before purchase?

Are you an existing customer?

If you need support for your installation fill out this form, or send us an email at


Looking for documentation?

Federated Computer documentation can be found at this link.

Federated Computer offers an open-source documentation project where customers and collaborators can work with Federated Computer folks to document how to use the various software components best for work, team collaboration, with desktop and mobile devices, etc.


Do you have a question before becoming a customer?

Let us know your question by filling out this form, or send an email to

Prefer the phone?

We’re still a small company, but sometimes going back and forth on email or messaging just doesn’t cut-the-mustard. So give us a call and we will call you back to get your issue sorted as soon as possible. Call Federated Computer at: +1-970-722-8715.

I want to talk with someone at Federated about something else.

We would love to talk to you as well! Fill out this form, or email

Do you have a business inquiry?

We love working with others and would like to hear from you. Fill out this form, or email