The Freedom of Self Hosting, The Convenience of the Cloud

Federated Computer is a cloud platform that empowers individuals and teams to communicate and collaborate privately, and effectively. We don’t care about your views regarding Covid, or Vaccines. We care about providing first-class cloud software to our freedom-loving customers.

We Give You All the Apps, Unlimited Users Included, Big Brother Excluded

Federated Core includes all the applications you need for your work, creative endeavors, and customer interactions. One low monthly price for unlimited users – Saving you hundreds of dollars per month.

Best of all, our product operates on the principle that your data belongs to you, and only you. We respect your property rights.

100% Sovereign Data Guarantee

Federated doesn't scan your data to sell it to advertisers and AI robots. In fact, even though Federated ensures everything runs well, we can't see your data. 100% private.

Professional Support for Professional Software

Federated Computer manages your solutions for you, while maintaining our committment to your privacy. Backups are automated, and our support is given by real humans, not an impartial AI or chat-bot.

Prefer to chat with us?

We have a chat server hosted on our very own Federated Core you can join and ask questions, or just chum it up!

Your Private Cloud Awaits