Federated Enterprise Monthly Subscription

$59.99 / month with a 30-day free trial

Empower Yourself With Federated Core

  • Private Email
  • Group Chat
  • Cloud Based Office Suite
  • Secure Calendar and Scheduler
  • Private Video Calls
  • Password Management
  • Email Marketing Lists
  • Databases
  • Website Hosting
  • Help Desk
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Source Control
  • Podcast Distribution
  • More added all the time….



We include all of our amazing apps in this easy to use subscription:

  • Single Sign-On User Management to manage users and access in one place.
  • Mail with the latest spam and abuse filters built in.
  • Nextcloud for groupware, files, calendar, contacts, project management, bookmarks, tasks, photos and much more.
  • Jitsi, the open-source video conferencing solution which powers Google Meet. Fully tuned and optimized for your Federated Core.
  • Element and Matrix, a decentralized replacement for Slack and Microsoft Teams with DMs and channels for your internal and external communications.
  • Listmonk for email lists and marketing (replacing Mailchimp and others).
  • Baserow, a robust, open-source replacement for AirTable for making your own applications and database.
  • Vaultwarden for password management (instead of 1Password or LastPass).
  • DNS and DNS Management for adding non-Federated solutions.
  • VPN (Wireguard) for connection to Federated and other websites and team members privately.
  • Gitea and Caddy for source code management and static-file website publishing.
  • WordPress for dynamic website publishing.
  • EspoCRM for manaing your sales funnels.
  • FreeScout for managing your customer service.
  • Castopod for podcast hosting and publishing.
  • Backups are included ensuring all your data is safe and can be restored in an emergency.
  • Free Upgrades and Improvements as we roll out new features for your Federated Core, we don’t shake the tin cup asking for more.
  • Unlimited Users are included…but we figure about eight is the safe limit (for video conferencing at one time) but we can expand this, if you need.
  • Human Support means you don’t have to search around or trust in the benevolence of a message board to find the solution to your questions.
  • The Experience of Federated ensures smooth sailing since Federated is made from the people who invented cloud computing, node.js, cloud operating systems, large scale high-availability, and launched companies like Twitter, Facebook Developer Program, Linkedin, Tumblr, and many others.
  • Content Delivery Network available for an added fee. Please contact sales@federated.computer.


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