We get it. Sovereign. Sovereign. Sovereign. But sometimes the King/Queen/Jester just needs to get on with life and let someone else run the FOSS software stack. We love grinding it out on our Raspberry Pi or Intel NUC, but will we still feel the same way a few months from now? You have to keep stuff up-to-date, backed up, the threats at bay..


No worries. Federated Computer offers an insane deal. For $39 a month, you get Nextcloud, Jitsi (optimized for as many as 12 concurrent video streams), Element and Matrix, Listmonk, Baserow, Vaultwarden, Wordpress, Castopod, email server, single-sign-on for user management, Gitea (with pipelines to Caddy for publishing static websites), and an off-the-hook Wireguard for everyone on your team to stay safe and be on a “local” network together. Software updates just happen (when we’ve validated they work). Backups are included. And your data is 100% private.

Important Stuff to Read

Get Federated Computer now! When you enter the code STACKERNEWS at checkout you get one month off.

Have You Stacked More Than 50K Sats on Stacker News?

If you have stacked more than 50,000 sats on Stacker News, send a note to support@federated.computer with (a) your Federated Computer sign up email address and (b) your Stacker News username, and, after verification, we will comp you for the coming twelve months. That’s a $39X12months=1591118.568 SATS value (as of August 12, 2023). 1.5 MILLION sats.

Keep Stacking on Stacker News

Don’t worry if you haven’t stacked enough, yet. Keep stacking on Stacker News and you can always get the upgrade (email support@federated.computer). The “special” runs through the end of 2023.

Let’s stack!!!