Federated Core is a self-hosted server, you don’t share resources with other Customers, with 100% privacy, included backups, updates, and uptime reliability.

What’s Included

For $39/month (pay in USD or BTC) you get all of the following (with description of what is provided):

  • Single-sign-on User Management to manage users and access in one place.
  • Mail with the latest spam and abuse filters built in.
  • Nextcloud for groupware, files, calendar, contacts, project management, bookmarks, tasks, photos and much more.
  • Jitsi, the open-source video conferencing solution which powers Google Meet. Fully tuned and optimized for your Federated Core.
  • Element and Matrix, a decentralized replacement for Slack and Microsoft Teams with DMs and channels for your internal and external communications.
  • Listmonk for email lists and marketing (replacing Mailchimp and others).
  • Baserow, a robust, open-source replacement for AirTable for making your own applications and database.
  • Vaultwarden for password management (instead of 1Password or LastPass).
  • DNS and DNS Management for adding non-Federated solutions.
  • VPN (Wireguard) for connection to Federated and other websites and team members privately.
  • Gitea and Caddy for source code management and static-file website publishing.
  • Wordpress for dynamic website publishing.
  • Castopod for podcast hosting and publishing.
  • Backups are included ensuring all your data is safe and can be restored in an emergency.
  • Free Upgrades and Improvements as we roll out new features for your Federated Core, we don’t shake the tin cup asking for more.
  • Unlimited Users are included…but we figure about eight is the safe limit (for video conferencing at one time) but we can expand this, if you need.
  • Human Support means you don’t have to search around or trust in the benevolence of a message board to find the solution to your questions.
  • The Experience of Federated ensures smooth sailing since Federated is made from the people who invented cloud computing, node.js, cloud operating systems, large scale high-availability, and launched companies like Twitter, Facebook Developer Program, Linkedin, Tumblr, and many others.
  • Content Delivery Network available for an added fee. Please contact sales@federated.computer.


Connected to Everything

Federated isn’t just web software. Federated Core works with all the major desktop and mobile platforms. You can learn more about how to use and connect Federated Core at our documentation project.

The Specifications

Your Federated Core runs on a virtual machine hosted at Federated’s datacenter with enough power, memory and storage to support a small team (we think up to eight people) comfortably. We can increase your cpu power and memroy as needed for an additional fee. It includes 200GB of storage and more is available, as you need it, at the lowest prices in the industry.

Further Information

Federated Core, meets the needs of individuals, teams, and small and medium businesses. We understand the challenges of managing multiple services and the frustration of high monthly bills! Federated Core simplifies your business operations and takes back control over your data.

We’re also mindful of the privacy risks and censorship that can come with using software as a service from big tech companies. That’s why we’re committed to supporting the open-source movement and making all our code available for review and self-hosting.

Federated Core is a bundle of software that includes everything you need to run your business efficiently and affordably. Plus, we’ve made it easy to migrate seamlessly from existing email services such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 with our auto-configuration tools. Your migration is made simple with the help of a Federated human.

Best of all, with Federated Core, you hold the keys to your company email and data, ensuring your privacy and security. Our monthly fee for managing it all is just $39, and we can’t wait to help your business thrive.

Sign up today and let’s get started!

The Guarantee

If you don’t like your Federated Core service, no worries, we will assist you in moving off Federated to your own hosted server for the one-time fee of $199 using the software stack used by Federated or we will cancel your service and return your current month’s money. Terms and conditions apply.