We think the following projects deservce your attention. They are working to bring sovereignty to individuals and teams worldwide.

Self Hosting

These folks are building tools for digital sovereignty alongside our efforts here at Federated:


A slick, well package project for installing and running tons of great open-source projects. They even have their own cool hardware. A great solution, if we might opine, for running a bitcoin/lightning node.

System 9

With an emphasis on developers, a hardware project for installing and managing open-source software for small teams.


The original dashboard project for installing and running groupware open-source projects.

Other Projects

Some of the other stuff we love, use and support.

Beef Initiative

Get beef that comes from a local producer without chemicals or additives (or mRNA!), and based on sound money. It’s what we eat on our tables.


Everyone at Federated uses a Pixel phone with GrapheneOS installed. It sandboxes the “bad” apps we need from time-to-time (looking at you Google Maps), and provides a nice, efficient mobile operating system.

System76 and Pop!_OS

We run Pop OS on System 76 hardware at Federated to do all of our work. Do we miss some of the conveniences of macOS and Windows from time-to-time? Sure. But we figured we needed to stop being a bitch.


We love being able to do networking without anyone at all watching. We can talk privacy and sovereignty all we want, but we still have to get in the road of the ISP (who’s watching us). We’ve got some plans for this project, too. Meanwhile, tinker away!