Self-hosted email? Look no further! Federated Computer has you covered.

If you have a domain for your personal or business use, you don’t want to use Google or Microsoft for email (they vacuum up all your data for their advertising and AI), but you do want encryption, ease-of-use, backups, and security, use Federated Core email.


Your Federated Core email is protected from spam, take over from malicious actors, doesn’t share space with any other customers, can not be read by Federated staff (not even your metadata), and works with all the email clients on desktop and mobile without weird plugins or proprietary add-ons.


No advertising ever, therefore we don’t care what your email says about you! Your emails are your own business. We have no interest in them. We can’t even see your data, who you’re emailing, can analyze it, can’t anonymize it. We are blind.

Your Domain

You pay for the domain, not users, so have an email party. It’s your domain and all the addresses on it are at your disposal at no extra cost. We use only standard email protocols which mean you can easily extract your data at any point of time.

The Convenience of SaaS, the Security of Open-Source Solutions

Federated Core remains steadfast in its value proposition: bridging the gap between the convenience of Software as a Service (SaaS) and the security of open-source solutions. By integrating Castopod into Federated Core, we are expanding the horizons of your online business potential while upholding our commitment to data privacy, encryption, and automated backups.

For just $39 per month (per domain), Federated Core empowers you with the tools you need for managing your podcast, backed by the Castopod developer community.