IMAGE Element Introduction

Slack? $72 per month for a team of 10 people! With Federated, Included.

Slack is a centralized service and locks you in to a closed system.

You could instead own your company’s data and run it 100% privately on your own virtual machine on Matrix with Federated Computer for only $39 per month.

Leave the Slack silo behind and get:

  1. Unlimited private and public rooms
  2. Fully encrypted
  3. Single-sign on (SSO)
  4. Element is the free client-side app that works with Matrix available for Windows, Mac, Linux desktop and Android/iOS
  5. Video and voice chat


Matrix is part of Federated Core which also includes email hosting, VPN (Wireguard), Nextcloud, Baserow (Airtable clone), and more! Use what you want.

If you’re entrenched in Slack, don’t fret! Migration is simple:

The Element wizard (software from Element) will migrate a complete Slack Workspace including all users, public channels, messages and files.


The Convenience of SaaS, the Security of Open-Source Solutions

Federated Core remains steadfast in its value proposition: bridging the gap between the convenience of Software as a Service (SaaS) and the security of open-source solutions. By integrating Castopod into Federated Core, we are expanding the horizons of your online business potential while upholding our commitment to data privacy, encryption, and automated backups.

For just $39 per month (per domain), Federated Core empowers you with the tools you need for managing your podcast, backed by the Castopod developer community.