There are some amazing offerings available for individuals, teams, and small businesses today. The trouble is, kinda like cable and entertainment pricing, all the subscriptions really start to add up, and they don’t really work well together.

Federated Core Compared to the Competition

We’ve done the math and we come up with some significant saving for Federated Computer Customers.

Federated Core: $39/month. Competition: $393.65/month.

(Assuming five users. Here’s a handy reference list to understand how Federated Core stacks up to the competition. The idea is to give you a sense of what other products you’d have to collect together to make up a Federated Core for five users.)

  • Groupware: Federated comes with Nextcloud, a full featured groupware platform comparable to Google Workplace (pricing: $12/month x 5 = $60/month).
  • Mail: Both Federated and Google Workplace include an email service for no additional charge.
  • Video Conferencing: Federated includes Jitsi which is also the basis for Google Meet, a part of Google Workplace.
  • Worldwide Chat: Element/Matrix provide you with a global chat/communications platform. That would cost $7.25/month from Slack or $39.95.
  • Email Marketing: Listmonk is included in Federated replacing Mailchimp at $20/month.
  • Database/Custom Applications: Baserow is included replacing Airtable for $100/month for 5 users.
  • Password Management: Vaultwarden does everything you’d pay $19.95 to get from 1Password.
  • VPN: our Wireguard solution replaces NordVPN at $3.29/month per user or $16.45.
  • Source Code and Static Website Publishing replaces Netlify, assuming two users, for $38/month.
  • Backups are included for both Federated Core and Google Workplace.
  • Human Support is included with Federated Core. Is it fair to say you might spend $100/month for someone outside to help you work with all your other software?

Federated Core is: flexible, integrated, great value for $39/month. The Competition is: fixed and rigid, dis-connected, and very expensive at $393.65/month. Make your own comparison, live a digital self sovereign life, and come join us at Federated Computer.

How is this possible?

Federated Core delivers high value because it is built using industry-best open-source software. Federated works to provide the right levels of integration and on-of-the-box ease-of-use. And we have the experience to package and deliver the right solution for you at a compelling price for both of us.