Federated Computer is working to build the next version of the “cloud” but in a “point-to-point” or “federated” way. We seek to accomplish our goals using a mixture of open-source “Web2” tools, and new tools for money and commerce. We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Systems Engineers

You know everything about everything, everywhere. You understand Linux, LDAP, OAuth, Nostr, DNS, networking in general. You are an everything-digital-mechanic. You have worked in/on open-source technologies for a long time. You know how to make our stuff a lot better.

Marketing Managers

“They” said no one wanted this stuff, but you know where the customers are and how to talk with them. You don’t need Google or Instagram to build big communities.

Mining Support Engineers

Want to manager thousands of miners in an off-grid environment? Think you have some interesting ideas to increase density? Let’s talk about monitoring and management.

Code Slingers

What’s missing? Some pretty stuff on top, that’s what, and you have some ideas how to make it happen. Though, you are intrigued by some of the ideas Federated has to wrap it all together. But getting all these open-source cats to “change this and that” may not be good tactics or strategy.

Wireless Engineers

Wouldn’t it be cool if Federated Computer could talk to each other over a public internet / wireless network mesh? You want to build that.


If any of these positions are of interest, please drop your resume, a form of a cover letter, and anything else you think might be relevant to: careers@federated.computer.