We are very proud to introduce Federated “Core” to the wide world. We built Federated Core because we were tired of the surveillance happening with common productivity tools on the web, our collection of tools was costing a small fortune every month, and it was a pain to get everything to work together.

Design Goals

Federated Core was built to provide regular users who wanted privacy, great features and functions, the right price, basically all the benefits of today’s software-as-a-service offerings, in a self-hosted environment but without the aggravation and technical commitment self-hosting requires. We want you to have the “assurance” of SaaS without the surveillance and over-the-top cost of SaaS.

We also wanted to provide a fully integrated environment for Customers, meaning user management and security was something that didn’t require integration and thought. It just works. There are some services that either couldn’t be integrated yet, or made more sense outside of the user-management features of Federated Core. Hopefully you agree with the decisions we made in this regard.

Just the Start

We are very pleased to provide Nextcloud, Jitsi, Element, Matrix, Vaultwarden, Listmonk, Wireguard, Gitea, and Caddy to our customers. Additional services will be added to Core in the coming weeks and months.

We also plan to offer more customized editions of Federated for commerce, communications, and other specializations.

In addition to the offerings from Federated, you will see offerings from out third-party partners that integrate with the user and data management tools in Federated Core.

Software should be easy.

Giving Back to Open-Source Projects

Open-source is at the center of the success of Federated Core. We plan to announce in the very near future concrete plans to contribute money from Customer subscriptions back to the open-source projects that make up Federated Core.

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Thanks for being a valued Federate Core Customer. We appreciate your commitment to open-source, to self-sovereignty, and to the future of (re) building an open internet.