In the “The Bitcoin Nation State” thesis, Samson Mow explores the transformative potential of Bitcoin as a catalyst for reshaping traditional notions of sovereignty. However, a parallel movement is also on the rise, one that complements Mow’s vision by empowering governments, individuals and small businesses to exercise digital sovereignty through free and open-source software as a service (FOSSaaS).

Check out this short clip with Samson Mow explaining Bitcoin Nation State Adoption.


A Mission to Promote Digital Sovereignty

Federated Computer’s mission aligns with the principles of “The Bitcoin Nation State.” We envision a world where digital sovereignty is not limited to the realm of nations, but extends to individuals and businesses. Our focus is on democratizing access to decentralized technologies and enabling businesses and organizations to harness the power of open-source software without the burden of managing servers, configurations and backups.

Empowering Businesses

Just as Bitcoin empowers individuals with financial autonomy, Federated Computer empowers organizations, and businesses with technological autonomy. Our curated bundle of open-source software, Federated Core, offers a comprehensive suite of tools for collaboration, communication, and email. This enables users to focus on productivity and growth while Federated handles the technical complexities.

A Path to Privacy and Security

Similar to Bitcoin’s emphasis on privacy and autonomy, Federated Core champions data sovereignty. We provide businesses with a platform where they can operate without the risk of surveillance capitalism from Big Tech. By adopting open-source software, businesses regain control over their data and communications, ensuring privacy and security while gaining significant economic savings.

Reshaping the Digital Landscape

As “The Bitcoin Nation State” challenges geopolitical boundaries, Federated Computer reshapes the digital landscape. Our mission is to foster a community of users that prioritize digital sovereignty and open-source solutions. This movement empowers users to thrive in an environment that champions privacy, security, and digital sovereignty.

A Unified Vision

In a world where Bitcoin drives discussions about new forms of personal and nation state sovereignty, Federated Computer complements this vision by promoting digital sovereignty for all. Our commitment to open-source technology mirrors the principles of decentralization and empowerment presented in “The Bitcoin Nation State.” Together, we’re shaping a future where autonomy, privacy, and digital freedom reign supreme.

A Global Call for Collaboration

This new era demands collaboration and innovation. Federated stands ready to collaborate with BRICS Alliance members to pave the way for a digital future where open-source strategies, economic resilience, and privacy intertwine. By harnessing the power of open-source and Bitcoin, nations can lay the foundation for a more equitable and prosperous future.

For more on Samson Mow, check out his profile on X (FKA Twitter)