At Federated Computer, we’re all about reclaiming digital sovereignty without the hassle of subscriptions, server management or the SaaS tax from Big Tech. Our team, the tech visionaries who pioneered cloud computer at Joyent, is here to guide you on a path to decentralized and open-source solutions.

Our mission is clear: to liberate you from the clutches of Big Tech and hand you the reins to your digital destiny. We’re here to present a different way, one that champions digital sovereignty, data privacy, and delivers the power of open-source to the world.

Guiding the Way

Our journey began by pioneering the cloud computing revolution at Joyent almost 20 years ago. Today, we’re proud to lead you toward a future where you’re in charge of your digital destiny - not the Big Tech SaaS vendors.

The Federated Advantage

While the trade winds are definitely blowing against the forever SaaS tax and cloud expense, we don’t think companies are interested in returning to the bygone era of hosting everything on-premise. That’s why Federated has architected a private point-to-point cloud; offering the best of both cloud and self-hosting.

With Federated you can leave behind the complexities of server management and configuration headaches. We handle the heavy lifting and deliver 100% data privacy. Your data is yours alone, free from the prying eyes of surveillance tech companies.

With Federated Core, you get:

  • A curated bundle of top open-source software packages
  • Automatic configuration with, updates, and encrypted backups
  • Hosted email for your domain
  • All 100% private and hosted on your own Virtual Machine (VM)
  • One low monthly fee per domain (not per user!) of $39/mth

Embrace Freedom

We believe in empowering your journey, whether you’re a small business, a dedicated team, or an individual seeking digital independence. Federated Core offers a new way forward, free from never-ending subscription fees. Say farewell to the monthly per seat user drain with our flat monthly fee per domain.

Join us in the digital sovereignty revolution and embrace a future where digital freedom, open-source solutions, and innovation steal the day.

Federated Computer. Your Partner in Digital Liberation.