At Federated, we try to put our tools, our digital tools, where our mouth is. We don’t used centralized software for almost nothing to run our business preferring to use Federated Core and other self-hosted open-source projects.

While we have systems running (virtual machines) for Windows and macOS testing, we run Linux on the desktop with most of us choosing to run Pop!_OS. The “tile windows” manager and integration with Federated services makes this a winner.

We also use System 76 Pangolin laptops. Very attractive, tough enclusure, good battery life.

Most of us use GrapheneOS on a Google Pixel (because that’s the hardware supported and it is pretty good). Graphene has a sand-box feature allowing use of certain stock Android apps with a minimum of risk.

It’s true, when we moved from macOS/iOS or Windows/Android to these new, digital sovereign, tools there was a learning curve. But that is often the case when changing tools. But it is nice to know we are doing our small part to break free of the big “centralizers” who want acces and control over all of our digital lives.

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