Facebook is Censoring My History!

As I scroll through my Facebook feed most of what I see from my history of posts is now censored!  What was once seen by friends and family, no one can see anymore.  It’s maddening!  Many of these posts were sharing information about what was occurring with Edward Snowden and how all of the big tech companies were spying on us, everywhere and even with the government!  Can’t see those posts anymore, what are they trying to hide, the fact that they’re already spying on us?  Many people already know, and even worse, they profit from it! 

Data Integrity Matters

One may not worry about their data privacy and control today, but my history and the world’s history shows that it’s the concern for the future that matters.  To censor, is to silence, to erase history and they’re already guilty of it.  This is what has happened on Facebook.  No one can see that part of history anymore and that’s not just for my feed and my friends, that’s for the almost three billion people on Facebook!  Maybe people can find that information off of Facebook, but that’s a very dangerous notion that almost half the world’s population can’t see that information anymore on the world’s largest social network!  So, what’s the real problem…centralization of data and control of that data.

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That’s why we created Federated, where YOU can control your own data!  We have a saying, “not your keys, not your data.”  That’s why we have created a solution for the +30 million small businesses in the US and many more abroad!  What if in the near future Google says “we don’t like your type of business anymore…no GSuite for you!”  Then what?  It may not be an issue today, but history shows it will likely be an issue in the future.  Get ahead while you still can!  Your keys, your computer, 100% private and with HUMAN support.